Coping with education and all the competitions along with it has become tough nowadays, but for us, it has become easy due to own extended school named Gurukul. Gurukul is just like a second home where we enjoy ourselves, share our feelings, learn good habits, sports etc. We like Gurukul as it teaches us different activities and also helps us in our studies.

Before joining Gurukul, we were not so good at studies, and also faced many difficulties. We always thought of playing or doing any other activity but not studies. But after joining Gurukul our time is adjusted and we can concentrate on our studies as well sports.

There’s a colour code for each day for eg. on Monday-Blue, Tuesday- Red, Wednesday-Green, Thursday-Yellow and on Friday - White. The lunch we eat is healthy and home made and at tea time we have some delicious snacks. Gurukul time is divided into 5 parts. First part is coaching, where our studies are taken up separately by our own experienced school teachers itself. Then we have lunch followed by time for self-study. After that we have snacks, then we have time for sports activities. We enjoy skating, football, cricket etc. The teachers who teach us are very friendly and there are some teachers who come from outside to teach us .

Gym facilities are also provided to us. We end the day with Vande Mataram.

Since we complete our homework, studies in school, we get a lot of free time at home and so we feel relaxed.

‘When you change your behavior,

You change your performance,

And in turn change your life.’

Benefits of Gurukul

  • Special coaching (Speco) for Gurukul students (Std. X)
  • More focus on Maths, Science & English.
  • All experienced teachers will be guiding the students.
  • Personal attention to every student.
  • Yoga & Prayers.
  • Sports & Physical activity.
  • Music, Rifle Shooting, Photography activity.
  • In Summer Session, Swimming Camp & Special Class of Maths & English Will be conducted.

For more information contact:
Mrs. Manisha D. Chaudhari (H.M.) 9960138368

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Via Gaul Wada,
       Opp. Pachubandar Mithagar,
       Off Bhaskar Alley Road,
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