MGP School

Dr. M. G. Parulekar Mitra mandal’s School

Chairman Message

Mr. Arvind T. Karkhanis

The theme of our magazine, ‘SPACE’, is a subject that has intrigued humanity since time immemorial. Our country has placed significant importance on this subject by establishing the institute called ISRO, which is wholly devoted to understanding space. The promising scientists working with ISRO have yielded excellent results in this area.

Now, turning to our school, we established it in 1982 and have completed 42 years. Though it has been a lengthy period, upon reflection, we find it hard to comprehend how swiftly the years have passed. I have been working with my colleagues for the past 42 years, beginning with hardly 30 students. It started in a small place provided by the late Shree P. Madhavan. Now, we have a school from Nursery to Junior College, with about 1400 students.


We have recently initiated a CBSE school with classes up to Std. V. Currently, we do not have a separate building for the CBSE school; we have accommodated it within our SSC building. However, we plan to have a separate building for the CBSE school in the near future.

We have also launched Gurukul in our school building on a small scale. In the future, Gurukul will likely see increased demand. Presently, due to space constraints, we are not admitting additional students. It is an experimental venture, but the results are very satisfactory.

Our school is not limited to government syllabi. We offer about 14 extracurricular activities, including cricket, skating, archery, drama, dance, and music. Alongside extracurricular activities, our students excel academically. They participate in various competitive exams such as Government scholarship exams, the Dr. Homi Baba Science Exam, International Maths and Science Olympiads, and other competitions with over 30 participating countries.

Our school excels in KALA-KRIDA Events. Our students participate in cricket on a large scale, engaging in various tournaments in Vasai, Mumbai, and the prestigious Harris & Giles Inter-school Tournament.

Although our school is English-medium, we emphasize education through Indian culture. Our aim is Education Beyond Syllabus, and we genuinely mean it. We strive to provide maximum exposure to our students, who participate in government examinations to international competitions. Some of our students have even visited various countries for international examinations.

We have reached the State level Drama Competition and participate in various cricket tournaments in Bombay. Our students also engage in State Sports Competitions at the state level, with one of our students winning medals at the National Athletic Event.

We also provide training to students by inviting experts in various fields. Our success in various fields is attributable to our school management, visiting experts, and our dedicated staff. We anticipate reaching even greater heights in the near future.